Future of Logistics

How the next wave of innovation will transform your supply chain. And what you need to know to lead the transformation.


How a connected world is giving you the visibility you need.
Getting it right is key to building the safe, secure, trusted supply chain of the future.
Digital technology is changing the way the world does business and doing so at an extraordinary pace.
CargoX has built a marketplace via mobile app that connects over 250,000 truckers with shippers moving goods around Brazil.


Using Data to Service Customers
From 'descriptive' to 'prescriptive': Understanding how data analytics are changing your business.
The secrets of scaling your startup
Since Homoola launched in 2016, the business has scaled up rapidly, carrying more than 7,000 loads in the first year and seeing average monthly growth of 35%.
Kuwait: the startup powerhouse that’s just getting started
Can Kuwait transform itself into an innovation hub and a private sector-led knowledge economy?
Your home is printing now! What does 3D printing mean for logistics?
3D printing is big news. It is already a $14.5 billion dollar industry, and is set to keep growing steadily over the next few years.



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