Connecting Africa

Africans number roughly one billion today but will be 2.4 billion by 2050, including a workforce exceeding 1.5 billion people.

These figures point to a massive transformation, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, where the bulk of investment in Africa is targeted. As Geoffrey White, Agility CEO for Africa, says: “for the first time, the world needs Africa more than Africa needs the world.”

In this edition of Tradelanes we provide an overview of the development underway across the Sub-Saharan region. The 48 nations of Sub-Saharan Africa are racing to shift from commodity and mineral-based economies to more diversified economies with vibrant consumer and service sectors. Many of the world’s leading banks, manufacturers and brands are placing sizeable bets on Africa’s future. To fulfill this potential requires a massive expansion in the continent’s “connectivity”: new logistics infrastructure (ports, airports, roads, distribution centers, and streamlined customs procedures and tariffs), and a quantum leap in sources of power through the exploitation of oil and gas, solar, wind and hydro generation.

This is where Agility’s experience in frontier markets and its fast-expanding African network comes into its own, providing the local knowledge and building the supply chains essential to manage big projects and introduce new brands to African consumers.