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Updates: COVID-19


United Kingdom

The UK wide lockdown has been relaxed and is now implemented on a country and regional/city level depending upon their ‘R number’ movement.

Social distancing policies are in force UK wide and all businesses are returning to work but must ensure they comply with the H&S guidelines outlined by the governments. Agility UK and Ireland are working towards all employees returning to our offices for 1st September 2020.

There is limited impact on the day-to-day customs operations, and road transportation within the UK continues to operate as normal.

Shipping lines are introducing a range of service adjustments and blank sailings both on imports to UK and exports from the UK. This is having an impact on equipment availability and on some trade lanes, and is leading to increased freight costs. UK ports remain fully operational although revised opening times have been implemented to facilitate deep cleaning of communal working areas during shift changes. In addition, at times, the ports are seeing reduced staff availability. This has caused some issues in turnaround times. Some inland container terminals have also introduced closures overnight for the same reasons as the ports, again we have seen some issues with container turnaround times.

There has been a gradual reduction in commercial flights to and from the UK with less than 20% of passenger services operating. Many non-essential key routes have been cancelled by carriers, and terminal operations are restricted across passenger and cargo. Ongoing capacity restrictions means pricing remains volatile with many routes still experiencing significant rate increases.

In terms of international road freight, availability of trailer equipment has become less problematic as freight volumes have reduced across Europe. However, Groupage and LTL services to and from Europe are showing signs of recovery with most planned departures back to normal.

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Ocean Freight Capacity

LCL Direct Services
(Europe to USA)

In today’s challenging supply chain environment, Agility is here to provide you with solutions that leverage the most direct LCL ocean services available.

New Express LCL Services
(USA to Europe)

Customers with high-priority LCL shipments now have the option to utilize Agility’s new Express LCL Service from the US to select European base ports.

New Express LCL Services
(Europe to USA)

Customers with high-priority LCL shipments can leverage Agility’s new Express LCL Services from Europe to the US.