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Updates: COVID-19



After the easing the lockdown measurements in the May and June, infection rates have started to spike in the second half of July. If this continues throughout August, we can expect enforced restrictions from the government in states with increasing infections rates and/or for the entire country.

The logistics infrastructure is working across all transport modes without interruption. Trucks can now operate 7 days a week as the weekend ban remains suspended for an indefinite period.

The peak for incoming cargo with medical protection material at Frankfurt airport is over. The frequency of passenger flights is starting to increase, but is still at a low level compared to prior year. Consequently, capacity access is still limited by the lower number of flights.

Ports are fully operational, but ocean carriers continue to keep space tight with blank sailings and reduced frequencies on certain lanes. Bookings should be placed as early as possible to secure the required space allocation.

Individual cross-border travelling is permitted, with the exception for high-risk-countries as defined by the health authorities. Travelers are requested upon arrival to make use of free testing in order to quarantine positive tested persons as early as possible.

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LCL Direct Services
(Europe to USA)

In today’s challenging supply chain environment, Agility is here to provide you with solutions that leverage the most direct LCL ocean services available.

New Express LCL Services
(USA to Europe)

Customers with high-priority LCL shipments now have the option to utilize Agility’s new Express LCL Service from the US to select European base ports.

New Express LCL Services
(Europe to USA)

Customers with high-priority LCL shipments can leverage Agility’s new Express LCL Services from Europe to the US.