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Production in China has now normalized to pre-crisis production levels. Selective passenger flight resume however still constrain air freight capacity on all major tradelanes, even though additional freighters have entered the market. Domestic trucking and Port operations are normal, and Ocean freight capacity is constrained across all major tradelanes, and carriers have announced additional blank sailings due to low export production impact by lock down countries.

Hong Kong has seen a rising number of confirmed cases in past few weeks week under the third-wave of Covid-19, the special working arrangement in Hong Kong Office with local government policies and guideline. These arrangements have been undertaken, in order to ensure the health and safety of employees and also to ensure continuity in our operations and services. Cross-border road is operating Shenzhen to/from Hong Kong with queue time is expected additional 3 hours or above for the mandatory quarantine for cross boarder drivers.

Once customs have quarantine record, the same driver is unnecessarily for the quarantine day by day again. From 12 July Shenzhen Government requires random nuclei acid testing on drivers. That may slightly slow down the border crossing. Update: if drivers are Hong Kong residents, if their living building has new case, drivers must be quarantined for 14 days, before enter Shenzhen borders.

The Chinese government has implemented several new customs regulations to strengthen the export quality of medical materials and personal protective equipment. The General Administration of Customs have now imposed revised inspection rules for medical materials under the Commodity Category “6307900010” and other Customs Commodity Categories. If goods meet the regulation thresholds, they are issued an Inspection Verification Certificate required for export of goods. Medical products for exports that fail the inspection will not be permitted for export. As of April 26, these new regulations also impact the export of non-medical masks, which must meet the quality standards of China or foreign countries.

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