With the growth of a new consumer class in emerging markets has come demand for sophisticated logistics in the supply chains that serve them. Even a decade ago, the emerging markets supply chain was typically built to serve producers. It delivered inbound raw materials and intermediate goods to a production location and moved finished products overseas to buyers and end consumers in the United States, Europe and other developed markets.

Tradelanes looks at the development of supply chains built to serve emerging markets and consumers in those countries. We also look at the fast-growing small and medium-size brands going head-to-head with one another and with multinationals in emerging markets – companies seeking the logistics know-how and tools to compete.

We examine the demand for high-end contract logistics – the integration and optimization of warehousing, transportation, distribution and inventory management – and show how it has worked for customers in Indonesia, India and Pakistan.

Agility’s Colin Mewburn-Mercer walks us through a supply chain assessment, something once reserved for larger companies and now sought by homegrown and regional brands. Next, we scrutinize the customer portal tool, again once available primarily for multi-nationals, that is becoming essential to smaller companies operating in emerging markets.

Emerging markets countries have to deepen their knowledge base to continue making gains. Tradelanes takes a look at two Agility-backed education initiatives in Cambodia that aim to broaden and deepen the talent pool by expanding access to schooling and working with young mothers.

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