Agility Defense & Government Services (DGS) works with governments and NGOs to deliver equipment and supplies to hotspots around the world.

Central African Republic

The international peacekeeping force in Central African Republic (CAR) has worked to end the sectarian violence that broke out there in 2012, a job that includes trying to stabilize conditions so that relief can be delivered to hundreds of thousands in need of shelter, drinking water, health services and proper sanitation.

The mission, known as the Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA), needed heavy equipment and supplies that were available in Pakistan moved to landlocked CAR.

Agility DGS mobilized to collect critical shipments of general cargo infantry carriers, armored recovery vehicles (ARVs), ambulances, jeeps, bulldozers, and static water tanks. In Karachi, MINUSCA counted on Agility to provide local movements, transportation, unloading, stevedoring, physical survey, port wharfage and documentation.

The equipment was bound for Door Kaga Bandoro in the CAR but had to transit through Douala Seaport in Cameroon. There, Agility managed the stevedoring and shore handling of the equipment, arranging for temporary storage. Agility conducted physical surveys and loaded truck convoys from Douala for the 700-mile move over the border into CAR to Door Kaga Bandoro.

The 7,600 troops, police, military observers, civilian staff and local employees that are part of MINUSCA are working to protect civilians, meet humanitarian needs, promote human rights, and support political transition.

Feeding the Peacekeepers in Somalia

African peacekeeping troops deployed to Somalia have been vital to efforts to begin to restore peace and stability there after decades of violence and civil war caused by extremists, warlords and shipping pirates. The ability of the peacekeepers to be effective operationally has depended in part on logistics support from Agility and others.

In August 2009, Agility DGS was tasked with procuring, transporting and storing food rations and perishables for 8,000 peacekeeping troops in Somalia. The challenge was to transport goods including fresh fruits and vegetables, reserve rations, food and bottled water, and other equipment to Kenya’s Mombasa Seaport and the Mombasa Airport, and to the Port of Mogadishu in Somalia in support of peacekeeping troops there.

African peacekeepers are part of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), the force deployed to Somalia by the African Union with the approval from the United Nations.
The international peacekeeping force in Somalia counted on Agility to handle customs clearance, air transportation, freight forwarding, ground handling, logistics coordination and security as needed for critical cargo in Somalia and Kenya.

The work also included the supply and delivery of refrigerated containers, generators, and all fuel required for the performance of the contract. The Agility team was able to work seamlessly to consolidate all international air and local land transportation of the shipments to a centralized warehouse in Mombasa. There, Agility managed and operated warehouse facilities, including cold and freezer storage units, tapping into its global expertise in support of critical operations.

Manjot Dhooria, an official in charge of rations for the mission, said: members of his team “applaud the efforts by Agility to achieve food safety and overall quality assurance in its warehouses in Mombasa.” Dhooria also noted Agility’s efficiency and said: “Agility supplements these efforts with well-coordinated regular staff training and written plans of procedures and documentation activities.”