National Aviation Services brings world-class training to aviation in Africa

National Aviation Services (NAS) is the fastest growing aviation services provider in emerging markets, offering a range of airport and air freight services across Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Wherever NAS builds new ground handling or cargo management infrastructure, implements digital airport systems, or builds and operates lounges, it trains local employees to a high international standard, offering employment opportunities and building local skills.

In 2018, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recognized NAS Uganda, formerly Entebbe Handling Services Limited (ENHAS), as a Top Performing IATA Accredited Training School (ATS) in Africa and the Middle East. That year, the school trained 477 individuals, offering a range of aviation industry training programs for NAS employees, local and international aviation customers.

In Tanzania, NAS recently offered fresh grads a comprehensive internship program to help build awareness about the different types career alternatives available in the aviation industry, and encourage young people to join the private sector.

The company also has a Train-the-Trainer program, which gives promising employees the opportunity to travel to other cities as trainers, bringing new learning with them. NAS also offers opportunities for international employment, including past programs to recruit Rwandan and Ugandan employees from overseas to join the company operations in Kuwait.

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