GCC transforms lives through training and good employment in conflict zones

GCC Services sees its work in remote regions as an opportunity to influence a better way of doing business, including setting a high standard for human rights and labor standards of its suppliers, implementing good environmental practices, and training local employees.

As a provider of bulk food for the United Nations in Darfur, Sudan; Abyei, Sudan; and Cyprus, GCC Services sought to hire as many local employees as possible, providing needed income for families that had suffered through conflict.

As well, GCC Services is certified by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) in the UK to conduct, test and certify HACCP (food safety) training, and offers eight certified tutors. In the three locations where GCC Services provides food rations for the UN, 471 employees have been certified in HACCP, giving them a valuable certification that is applicable for other jobs in restaurants, hotels or food manufacturing. In addition to the certification, GCC Services employees are paid above market rate, receive medical benefits, vacation time and an indemnity when they leave, giving them de facto savings.

Trained employees have gone on to help prepare our three Darfur food warehouses for ISO 22000 certification. This is the first time such a massive training has taken place and ISO 220000 certification has been achieved at a remote conflict zone.

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