Agility Helps Design Food Security Plan, Provides Warehousing

When a GCC country detected its first COVID-19 cases, the government moved quickly to prioritize food security and bolster the supply chain. Agility’s logistics expertise was used to set up a strategic supply chain for the country, which imports the majority of its food, including key essentials such as rice, flour, oil, lentils, frozen meats, dairy products, tea and coffee.

Fifteen Agility logistics experts worked closely with the government to set up a control tower. Agility created digital tools, including an online tool for the government to use to receive bids and requests from external parties wanting to participate in the government plan, as well as a digital dashboard to monitor inventory levels. Agility also conducted a demand planning assessment, optimized the supply chain, and did a study on managing warehouse requirements to fulfill the food security needs. Agility also donated nearly 11,000 square meters of temperature-controlled warehousing to the government.

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