Agility E-Services Donates Notebooks and Stationery to more than 11,000 Students

Agility E-Services Center in Hyderabad, India started a donation program in 2016, where 17 employees organize a collection and donation drive to provide stationery supplies to schools across India, and support a local shelter with groceries.

The donation program helps fill a critical gap for low-income students in India. While government schools provide textbooks for free, students are required to provide their own school supplies, which many have difficulty doing. Over the years, Agility employees have donated notebooks, stationary, and other school supplies to thousands of children over the years.

In 2019, Agility E-Services Center employees donated 17,600+ notebooks and stationary supplies to nearly 2,500 students at seven local schools in and around Hyderabad. In 2018, employees donated more than 39,000 notebooks and stationery supplies to more than 5,520 students in 30 schools around India.

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