Agility and KSH to Build the First Sensory Gym Offering Free Treatments in Kuwait

Agility, a leading global logistics provider, is partnering with the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped (KSH), the first charitable Society in Kuwait that provides services to children with disabilities from all nationalities at no cost. Through this collaboration, KSH will build the first sensory gym following international standards in Kuwait by the end of 2021.

Agility’s donation will allow KSH to outfit the sensory gym in the “Children’s Rehabilitation Unit” with clinical equipment and furniture designed to improve users’ sense of movement, body positioning, balance and spatial awareness. KSH therapists will be able to guide users through activities intended to increase fine motor skills, strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness.

“Sensory gyms are important tools for the rehabilitation and behavior modification of disabled youth and adults, it helps to integrate them into society and change their lives for the better, and we’re pleased to be supporting KSH’s plans to build the sensory gym. Agility is committed to helping KSH as it works to improve the lives of more than 500 children and adults with disabilities in Kuwait,” said Agility CEO, Tarek Sultan.

Workouts and therapy at sensory gyms improve users’ communication skills, increase their attention spans, and improve their physical health. The facilities can accommodate and meet the needs of users with a wide range of ability levels and different stages of disability.

“The Children’s Rehabilitation Unit renovation is the first step for the KSH to develop integrated rehabilitation services that support children and youth in realizing their potential and participating in their communities. By upgrading and developing our programs and building new facilities, we can provide individualized assessments, treatments, and health education needed for rehabilitation. Agility is giving us the means to do so. This will support hundreds of people, giving them access to the care they need,” KSH, Director General Dr. Elham Al Hamdan said.

KSH is a private charity established in 1971. It was the first charitable Society in Kuwait to provide free services to children with disabilities from all nationalities. KSH was established by devoted volunteers eager to offer services for children with disabilities and to ease the burden on family and caregivers guiding them towards improving the education and rehabilitation of their loved ones with disabilities. And since its establishment, the Society has continued to provide integrated care and services which include comprehensive rehabilitation, psychological, social, and educational services at its headquarter and daycare centers in three locations, Hawally, Jahra, and Ahmadi.

This partnership is part of a long-standing commitment by Agility to empower and benefit Kuwaiti youth. Agility has decade-long partnerships with INJAZ and LOYAC to support entrepreneurship training programs. Agility volunteers have mentored more than 1,500 students over the years in business skills and other educational initiatives through the organizations’ ongoing initiatives. In 2020, Agility continued to support organizations throughout their shift to virtual online training programs.

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