Differentiated Expert Services

Specialist expertise is particularly valuable when your sector is characterised by unique challenges such as hazardous product, special handling requirements such as IBCs, IFBCs, drums and bags, Iso-tanks, flexi-bags or bulk commodity characteristics such as powders and liquids.

The experts you turn to should be steeped in, and practically experienced with the elements that differentiate between the specialist and generalist. As such, Agility Chemical Logistics offer knowledge, expertise and experience to support the Chemicals and Bulk Commodity sectors with a broad spectrum of consultancy services to improve efficiency, productivity and performance that add value and reduce cost. Of course, all of this is undertaken within the context of our industry’s first priorities, safety, regulatory conformance and compliance as well as being mindful of our social and environmental responsibility.

Facets of Agility’s Sector Focused Expertise:

  • Safety Management
  • Regulator Conformance & Compliance
  • Dangerous Goods Expertise
  • Containment, Handling & Storage Options
  • Productivity, Efficiency & Practicality
  • Adding Value
  • Reducing Cost
  • Supply Chain as a Competitive Advantage
Network Optimisation
Number & Location of Warehouses, Production & Sourcing, Inventory Deployment & Fulfilment, Transport & Distribution, and more.
Sector specific expertise to support supply chain and logistics consulting assignments from strategy to tactical deployment.
RFQ Management
Access the skills and technology to manage RFQs & tenders and optimise outcomes from bid and quotation to final award.
Warehouse Operations
Evaluation of warehouse operations to benchmarked and drive efficiencies, identify productivity and cost improvements.
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