Network Optimisation

Supply chain logistics consulting for the chemical sector network optimisation.

Agility’s chemical supply chain experts use their experience and sector knowledge in conjunction with sophisticated supply chain modelling software to answer strategic and tactical questions about the shape and form of the components of and configuration of your supply chain:

  • Number of warehouses?
  • Location of warehouses?
  • Inventory deployment options?
  • Delayed fulfilment strategies?
  • Stocking, stockless, cross-dock?
  • Raw material sourcing?
  • What to produce where?
  • Make, buy, sell, swap, shed decisions?
  • Modality, sea, air, rail, road, barge, pipeline?
  • Containment options?
  • Own versus outsourced transportation?
  • Own market versus distributor model?
  • Time based service cut-offs (isochrone)?
  • Cost to serve & negative margin analysis?
  • Merging networks after acquisition?
  • Networks for new markets & products?

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