Agility Fairs & Events specializes in moving equipment and exhibits, and provides exhibition or events logistics solutions to companies covering a broad spectrum of industries. Whether it is trade fairs, sports, visual & fine arts or performing events, Agility Fairs & Events tailors to the clients’ specific exhibition or event logistics needs. Our experienced and trained staff understands and anticipates customers’ special needs and strives to ensure that any exhibition or event is logistically smooth and hassle-free. 

For enquiries to ship your exhibits to exhibitions in Spain or from Spain to any global place click here.  We can arrange a quotation to be sent to you.

Standard Services

  • Pre-show planning & Cost effective options
  • Customs clearance
  • Global freight forwarding by road, sea and air
  • Exhibition, conference and event logistics
  • Museum, road-show and special project logistics
  • Product Launches
  • Sport event logistics
  • Storage and delivery
  • Venue on-site logistics
  • Site handling
  • Storage of empties
  • Re-export handling
  • Contact Us


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