Agility Fairs & Events offers a convenient “single point of contact” service tailored to our clients.  We specialise in moving equipment and exhibits, and provide logistics solutions to companies covering a broad spectrum of industries. Whether it is trade fairs, sports, visual & fine arts or performing events, we could tailor to the clients’ specific logistics needs. Our experienced and trained staff understands and anticipate customers’ special needs for extraordinary care, precision timing and close attention to every detail, and would strive to ensure that any exhibition or event is logistically smooth and hassle free.

Our strong commitment to service has led to high customer satisfaction and affirmed yearly appointment as the Official Freight Forwarder for major events in The Philippines and the region.

For enquiries to ship your exhibits to exhibitions in The Philippines, click here.  We can arrange a quotation to be sent to you.

Standard Services

  • Customs clearance
  • Obtaining Government permits for special cargoes/temporary import
  • Sea/air transportation and transshipment
  • Local transportation
  • Storage and delivery
  • Venue on-site logistics
  • Site handling and unpacking
  • Positioning and rigging of exhibits
  • Repacking, storage of empties and re-export handling

Upcoming exhibitions & events in The Philippines


  • AFEX 2019
  • Transport Payments Asia Pacific 2019
  • Seamless Philippines 2019
  • World Of Safety & Security Expo/World Of Consumer Electronics Expo (WOSAS/WOCEE) 2019


  • Roads & Traffic Philippines 2019


  • Phil Construct Manila 2019

In the meantime, please download our Shipping Instructions | Service Request Form | Commercial Invoice & Packing List for reference. 

Shipping Instructions is for general shows.  For specific industry events (eg medical, defense, food-related, please contact us).

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Sales Enquiries

Tel: +63.2.852.7031

Email: [email protected]

  • Download
• Shipping Instructions
• Service Request Form
• Commercial Invoice & Packing List
**Shipping Instructions is for general shows. For specific industry events (eg medical, defense, food-related, please contact us)