Nutrition Competence Centre

The legal and quality requirements for the food industry are becoming ever stricter. As food producers must comply with a high number of regulations, choosing the right business partner is essential. With its extensive logistics capabilities and a strong global presence, Agility is well-positioned to take advantage of this trend and provide customized and high quality logistics solutions to retail and consumer companies across the globe.

Nutrition Competence Centre at Agility (NCC):

The Nutrition Competence Centre (NCC) is staffed by a multi-modal team that offers a range of logistics services in the food sector, including storage in dedicated multiple temperature zones, cold-chain solutions and a wide range of value-added services. Track-and-trace technologies ensure visibility throughout the supply chain.

At Agility’s Nutrition Competence Centre (NCC), we believe in excellence, which we achieve through our steadfast commitment to best practices and maintain through a continuous process of improvement and innovation. Additionally, Agility’s presence in key emerging markets ensures knowledge of local customs and regulatory requirements, which in turn facilitates the seamless transport and storage of vital food products

  • Strict SOP execution and observance of best practices ensures that all products always stay at their optimal temperatures
  • Our commitment to appropriate food hygiene standards guarantees that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained throughout the supply chain
  • All of our supervisors are trained in food safety, and we provide regular trainings on SOPs and industry/product knowledge according to ISO 22000:2005 standards

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