Agility Abu Dhabi offers ambient, air-conditioned and open yard storage solutions to meet your every need

Agility’s industry-leading facilities in Abu Dhabi offer extensive capacity and a range of storage solutions to meet all your warehousing and open yard storage needs. Strategically located in the industrial heartland of the Emirate, Agility’s open yard and ambient or air conditioned warehouse facilities in Mussafah port and KIZAD provide easy access to Abu Dhabi’s logistics network and the Emirate’s commercial and retail centers. Our services include:

  • Compacted ground open yard storage
  • State of the art warehouse management systems for Inventory Management
  •  Tracking and reporting
  •  Security and CCTV 24/7 monitored facilities
  • Value added services
  • Customizable solutions
  •  Office space inside the warehouses and within the open yards
  • In addition to storage; Agility Abu Dhabi can provide full supply chain solutions including freight forwarding, overland cargo transportation and distribution

Our Open yards feature compacted ground and enables storage of large cargo such as machinery, construction materials equipment, automobiles and other heavy duty oil and gas equipment.

This network of storage solutions in Abu Dhabi is supported by state-of-the-art technology, advanced tracking and reporting options, and a range of value-added services. Agility also operates an extensive fleet of specialized transport assets for overland transport of containerized, non-containerized, heavyweight and oversized cargo, enabling goods to be delivered swiftly in a secure and cost-effective manner wherever the destination.