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Shipa Freight

The digital logistics platform powered by Agility. Access real-time rates across thousands of tradelanes, book and manage your shipments online.

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How is Shipa Freight connected to Agility?

Shipa Freight is Agility’s digital freight forwarding service, enabling customers to manage their supply chain online with just a few clicks.

What are the benefits of a Shipa Freight account?

A dedicated client dashboard as a Single Version of the Truth for shipment updates, documents and reports

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  • A dashboard with all your quotes and shipments
  • Access to copies of your shipping documents and invoices online
  • Online tracking and visibility, including shipment alert emails  
  • Real-time air and ocean freight quotes across thousands of tradelanes
  • The ability to book a shipment online within minutes  
  • 24/7 customer service via a live chat 

Process Overview of How Things Work in Shipa Freight for Existing Agility Customers

Activity How it Works in Shipa Freight
Freight Quotes Two options:
1. Self-quote directly on Shipa Freight 
2. Or contact your Agility representative for personalized rates, and you will receive your quote with a link to Shipa Freight.
Account activation 1. You can view the quote from your Agility representative without logging in to Shipa Freight. Just click on the link.
2. However, to use the additional, exciting, and free digital features and tools of the Shipa Freight platform, you will need to first activate your account and then log-in.
3. Auto-generated log-in credentials will be sent by email as part of the next quotation you receive from Agility. (You can also register directly on Shipa Freight at any time)
4. Activate your account by creating a password and updating your marketing consent settings. It takes less than a minute.
Booking 1. The fastest way to book your shipment is directly on Shipa Freight. 
2. However, you can also respond to the quotation email with with your commercial invoice and packing list, and an Agility representative will book your job on your behalf.  
Payment 1. If you choose to book via Shipa Freight, all your existing payment options and business credit (if eligible) will also be available online.
2. As an additional option, you can also pay with a credit card if preferred.
Tracking 1. You will receive email shipment alerts, by default.
2. You can disable these alerts anytime by going to your user profile in Shipa Freight.
Documents Log-in to Shipa Freight for online access to all your shipping and freight documentation.
Shipment History Log-in to Shipa Freight for access to a dashboard with your quotes and shipments going forward.
Exception Management/Customer Service Contact your Agility representative as usual, or log-in to Shipa Freight to access 24/7 live support via chat.

How do I get an online quote if I want to?

Three simple steps to get a quote instantly

How do I book online if I want to?

Three simple steps to book

FAQ three simple steps to book

How does Shipa Freight support shipment tracking and visibility?

Full Shipment Visibility

Utilizing our Global Standard Operating Process, Shipa Freight will manage the end to end execution – with exceptional service and complete visibility

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Do I need to sign-up to use Shipa Freight?

Yes. You must activate your Shipa Freight account with the log-in credentials that are auto-generated and sent to you when you next receive a quotation from Agility. Alternatively, you can register yourself for an account.

I have an existing relationship with an Agility representative, do I have to use Shipa Freight to get a quote?

  1. You can still ask your Agility representative for a quote if you prefer; and they will send you the quote with a link to Shipa Freight.
  2. You can also generate a self-quote on the Shipa Freight platform, if you prefer to do that. The choice is yours.

Do I need to log in to view my quote?

If an Agility representative sends you a quote with a Shipa Freight link, you will be able to click to see your quote online – no log in is required.

However, to access the other exciting features of our online platform, you will have to log-in. These features include the ability to book online, access to documents online, and a free shipments dashboard.  

To log-in, you will first need to active your account. This is a 1-time process that takes under 1 minute.

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How can I activate my Shipa Freight account, once log-in details are sent to me?

Our quotation system will send you auto-generated log-in details for Shipa Freight when you receive your next quote from Agility.  

Activate your account by creating a password and updating your marketing consent settings. It takes less than a minute.

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Do I have to use Shipa Freight to book my shipment? Or do I book directly with my Agility rep?

You can either book online via Shipa Freight or directly with your Agility representative. Booking online is convenient and quick, and offers you multiple payment options (including a credit card). However, the choice is yours. 

Please remember though, that irrespective of how you choose to book, you will need to activate your Shipa Freight account and log-in if you want access to your shipment dashboard and documents online.

I self-quoted on Shipa Freight, but I want to further discuss pricing with my Agility representative. How I can do that?

You can click “review quote” in the quotation email you receive. 

How can I stop receiving shipment alerts by email from Shipa Freight?

Go to your profile, click edit, and update your communication preferences.

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How do I stop receiving marketing emails from Shipa Freight?

Go to your profile, click edit, and update your communication preferences. You can also click “unsubscribe” from the bottom of any marketing email sent to you.

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