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Dangerous Goods & HSSE Consultancy

When transporting dangerous goods it is simply good business to take precautions and preventative measures.

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) Consultancy

When transporting dangerous goods it is simply good business to take precautions and preventative measures. Agility Chemical Logistics has experts ready to help customers understand legislative requirements and adopt prudent practices in this area.

Currently there are 49 signatories to which the Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) applies. In addition, a number of firms are insisting that even those countries that fall outside the scope of ADR, — but through which dangerous goods are transported – adopt the legislation. This demonstrates a trend toward global consistency in application of the regulations and wider adoption of best practices in emerging markets.

It is a legal requirement that any movement of dangerous goods, whether as consignee, consignor, carrier, loader, filler, packer, freight forwarder or shipping agent, employ a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA). This may be an employee or a qualified third party.

Agility Chemical Logistics’ DGSA experts, with their wide range of industry and regulatory experience, are equipped to provide highly specialised Dangerous Goods advice to multinational chemical companies. In addition, our specialists are prepared to deliver training packages to meet our customers’ legal requirements.

Whether as a full or part-time service, a DGSA expert from Agility can:

  • Conduct audits to determine current compliance against the modal requirements of ADR (Road), IMDG (Sea), IATA (Air), RID (Rail) as well as domestic regulations.
  • Conduct the required annual audit, including a comprehensive report that details levels of compliance and recommendations for improvement.
  • Assist with investigating and reporting any incident as required under ADR Chapter 1.8.5.
  • Provide guidance on any matter concerning road transport of dangerous goods. This service can be delivered remotely or on-site.
  • Advise about employee training required to meet all legal requirements.
  • Deliver general awareness, functional specific and security training to employees and staff to meet legal requirements.

For further information or to discuss your individual DGSA consultancy requirements,
please email Agility at [email protected] or call our safety management team headquarters +44 151 494 5900.

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