Brexit Update

Brexit Update – May 2021

Ferry / Euro-Tunnel

  • Capacity on ferry and train sufficient
  • Longer waiting time in Dover and Calais, but due to delay at customs brokers, not ferry or tunnel!

Border Situation

EU to UK:

  • Some Delays FR-GB
  • From Apr 6, 2021 mandatory driver testing if >48 hrs in UK (testing in UK)

UK to EU:

  • Potential Delays due to customs in FR and Covid-19 procedures in UK

Customs Brokerage / Agents

  • Problems mainly when having external customs broker; not using Agility in-house service (mainly groupage)
  • All UK customs brokers are extremely busy (limited to no capacities available)

Door-Door Transit Time

To UK:

  • Increased transit times due to customs procedures
  • Approx. +36 hrs (average)

From UK:

  • Increased transit times due to customs procedures, up to +36 hrs to some EU countries

Paperwork / Documentation

  • Occasionally challenges with customer documentation – esp. for ad hoc
  • Shippers inexperienced with details of customs paperwork – esp. in the UK
  • Paperwork should be transferred 48 hrs prior to collection
  • Additional Border Control postponed until 1st January 2022

Capacity / Outlook

  • No issues to secure capacity
  • Buying rates on the UK trade lane up compared to 2020

More information can be found at Agility website and real time border crossing at Sixfold website