Accurate export and import declarations, duty savings and reduced liability are just some of the reasons to ensure that your business is compliant with international trade regulations.

Agility understands the complexity of Trade Compliance. Our professionals have the experience to keep your supply chain secure, so you can feel good about every shipment.

What is Trade Compliance?

Trade Compliance is the process by which companies that ship goods internationally strategize to comply with trade regulations.  It’s important to recognize all of the regulatory complexities for each country that is party to the transaction.

Elements Needed for an Effective Trade Compliance Program


Management Commitment

Risk Assessment

Internal Program for Handling Compliance Problems, including Reporting and Escalating Trade Violations

Standards and Controls

Cradle-to-Grave Trade Compliance, Security and Screening

Adherence to Recordkeeping Regulatory Requirements

Written Trade Compliance Program

Training and Communication

Trade Compliance Training

Initial and Ongoing Training

Testing and Auditing

Compliance Monitoring and Periodic Audits/Assessments

Completing Appropriate Corrective Actions in Response to Trade Violations

Agility Trade Compliance (ATC)


Agility Trade Operations (ATO)


Pharamatical globe

Daily Shipments

Audits and Assessments


Deemed Exports


Pharmatical drop

SOPs, Processes/Procedures​