In Ghana

Agility Launches a Vocational Training Program

Agility formed a partnership with Oiada International, an NGO in Ghana, to start a vocational training program intended to help meet the demand for increased skills to support local economic development.

The program provides free vocational and technical training to 40 young adults at the Agility Warehouse Park in Tema, Ghana. Participating students receive computer and soft skills training, workplace skills development, instruction in brickmaking, and electrician apprentice training. Courses run for three months. Students receive certificates of completion upon graduating.

Agility’s goal is to arm students with the skills and training they need to find employment after graduation.

The strong interest we’ve received from prospective students affirms our view that there is a hunger for vocational training, education and development among the next-generation workforce in Africa. More than 300 people applied for 20 openings in our initial computer and soft skills training classes. Several of the students in the program walk six to 10 kilometers to and from their homes to attend the electrician training program. We are encouraged by the interest and determined to do more to help increase vocational skills as part of our commitment to the local community in Ghana.

Agility intends to expand the program to other locations in Africa.

Africa’s economic development is directly related to training and education. Our support of vocational and technical training will provide a substantial and direct impact and benefit to the young students and the community for many years to come.