Since 2019, Agility Indonesia has worked with local high schools in need of assistance, donating more than 85 computers and laptops to support digital education and distant learning for nearly 500 students.

The Indonesia office supported Open High School in Depok, West Java, Indonesia in 2019 by outfitting a computer lab with 15 computers at a local high school. Agility Indonesia continued its partnership with the high school, providing 40 additional laptops in 2020 for students to continue their education while social distancing. In 2021, Agility Indonesia located two high schools and offered internet connectivity and 30 laptops for students to be able to complete their education.

Due to COVID-19, school started shutting down worldwide, making it difficult for students to continue studying without any form of digital applications and equipment available. Agility Indonesia donated laptops for students who were unable to afford them, to be able to continue their education on a rotational basis. The students were able to take their national exams and communicate with their teachers while learning basic computer skills.

​2020 has been an extraordinary year. Because of COVID-19, millions of children around the world have not been able to attend school. This year, we pivoted our education partnerships to focus on digital access to education to give kids a chance to continue their studies, even in the most difficult circumstances. This short video gives you an overview of how Agility teams around the world have helped make an impact.

Agility moved 150,000 bars of soap across the country for a global consumer goods company that donated soap to humanitarian organizations in Indonesia, including UNICEF, as part of its COVID-19 response. Watch how our team navigated geographic complexities and lockdown measures.

In Depok, West Java, Indonesia, Agility helped build a computer lab for a local high school. The set-up of the lab included 15 computers, internet set up and two air conditioning units, beneifiting 174 students at the school. The new computer lab will help students learn basic computer skills and, most importantly, give them access to national exams that will help them graduate.

In response to the earthquake and tsunami that struck Indonesia in September, the UN Global Logistics Cluster was activated. The LET were asked to move cargo, including shelter materials, life support, food, health, and water/sanitation materials, into the disaster affected area, and to design an operational supply chain for national and international humanitarian aid organizations – putting their training to immediate use.

Agility Indonesia organized four green initiatives to with the objective of decreasing the effects of landslides and help preserving the environment.