The Agility Bangladesh team organized green initiatives to commemorate annual Earth Day celebrations for 500 students.

Agility Bangladesh supported the Gulshan Literacy Program by setting up internet connection, donating laptops and photocopiers, and training teachers on how to administer online training programs to 500 students practicing distant learning due to COVID-19.

Since 2016, the Agility Bangladesh team has partnered with the Gulshan Literacy Program, targeting 500 unprivileged children attending local schools. Through this program, 12 Agility volunteers usually contribute their time to offer students in two different schools lessons in English, general knowledge, and computer skills. The volunteers would visit each school four hours a week over the course of three months, during the semester; and have reached more than 2,500 students since the start of the program.

The Gulshan Literacy Program is built on the principle of equal access to education for all slum-children and is dependent on donor funds. This partnership aligns with Agility’s vision of creating long-term partnerships to benefit children’s lives through equal opportunity education.

​2020 has been an extraordinary year. Because of COVID-19, millions of children around the world have not been able to attend school. This year, we pivoted our education partnerships to focus on digital access to education to give kids a chance to continue their studies, even in the most difficult circumstances. This short video gives you an overview of how Agility teams around the world have helped make an impact.

Agility Bangladesh volunteers participated in a Customs Workshop organized by the UN Logistics Cluster in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. This training helps humanitarians to reduce the time that humanitarian cargo is in transit, which reduces inventory requirements and operating costs, while increasing the amount of aid materials available to beneficiaries. The Agility Bangladesh team also supported the Logistics Cluster by helping them to prepare a Logistics Capacity Assessment (LCA) for the country, and by working with local government, private sector and NGO stakeholders in a country-wide preparedness project to help the country prepare for future humanitarian emergencies.

Agility donated a 20-foot refrigerated shipping container to the UN Global Logistics Cluster to enable humanitarian organizations to store cholera medication to help protect the Rohingya refugees who have fled Myanmar and living in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Agility Bangladesh continues to support the Gulshan Literacy Program, with seven dedicated employee volunteers tutoring 460 children four times a week in English, general knowledge, and computer skills.

Agility Bangladesh initiated its second school year, supporting the Gulshan Literacy Program. Agility volunteers donated their time to tutor students in English, basic computer skills and other subjects.

When Bangladesh suffered a severe flood, Agility Bangladesh procured, delivered and distributed relief supplies to 1,000 families.