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Agility provides you with an intuitive suite of visibility solutions to fit your needs, irrespective of your supply chain complexity. Our systems and technologies offer different capabilities from basic track and trace, instant quotes and online booking to customized shipment, order and 4PL management capabilities.


Our tracking tool allows you to follow your shipment in real time, and stay informed about events affecting your freight, like weather, labor strikes, and regulatory changes.

Enter your consignment ID or booking reference to track your shipment.

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Instant Quote

You want a convenient, fast, and flexible way to ship your freight?
Get an instant Air or Ocean Freight quote. Book, pay and track online. Manage all of your shipping documents in one place with our online freight forwarding platform, Shipa Freight.

Online Customer Portal

Agility Connects is a dynamic and flexible customer portal that allows you to manage complex logistics challenges, improve collaboration, mitigate risk, and increase your efficiency. It provides a range of features to optimize supply chains through real-time, end-to-end visibility, configurable reporting options and the ability to better manage costs and inventory, irrespective of the supply chain complexity.

Supply Chain Visibility

Agility Connects offers end-to-end supply chain visibility. From basic track and trace to Supply Chain Control Towers, the customer portal brings transparency to your cargo, allowing you to drive better forecasting and reduce costs.

Data Integration

Integrate with your vendors, customers and third parties via seamless EDI to eliminate manual rekeying and improve data quality. Agility streamlines the integration process by offering you a comprehensive suite of message sets, supporting implementation guides and standardized interfaces to get you and your partners integrated quickly.

Order Management

Through transparent purchase order and vendor management, order velocity can be increased, lead-times reduced and costs optimized. The real-time allocation of shipments enables pro-active supplier management and improved order fulfilment.

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IoT and Advanced Tracking

Agility deploys Internet of Things technology for temperature-sensitive shipments and high-value cargo. Customers in sectors such as Life Sciences, Technology, Consumer Electronics and Industrial Goods rely on Agility’s IoT expertise to help maintain the end-to-end integrity of their products and protect them from theft, counterfeit, damage and diversion. Agility provides real-time tracking and dashboards that provide instant alerts so customers can respond to temperature excursions, delays, tampering and other events.


Agility has helped pioneer distributed-ledger technology for the shipping industry. It was the first freight forwarder to provide shipping milestone data to Tradelens, the IBM-Maersk blockchain venture, and has been a leader in efforts to develop global industry standards. Our goal is to drive solutions that will make blockchain a safe, trusted and efficient platform that can be used by carriers, forwarders, banks, shippers and other parties involved in the supply chain.


Digital technologies are gaining traction in supply-chain logistics, unleashing a wave of efficiencies and unlocking multiple related benefits. In addition to boosting revenue and slashing operational costs, innovations like digital freight matching are reducing emissions, bolstering productivity and creating a more sustainable industry. Collaboration is key, so we work with shippers, carriers and other supply chain partners to drive the transition to low-carbon supply chains.

The Cutting Edge of Supply Chain Design: Low-carbon shipping modelling

Agility SolutionGenius is a propriety modelling tool developed by Agility that enables our specialists to work with shippers to design supply chain solutions using a nearly infinite number of variables and combinations – such origins, destinations, routes, carriers, schedules, inventory requirements, shipping modes, INCOTERMS, packing density, load configuration, vehicle types, emissions and costs. This tool enables Agility and its customers to collaboratively design optimized and low-impact supply chains for greater supply chain efficiency.