Stuffing and Consolidation for Chilean Retail Industry

Chilean Retail companies’ faces many challenges with specific stuffing and consolidating projects where multi origins and several vendors are involved in supply chain operations.For a well-known Retail company based in Chile, proactively Agility perform vendor contact for around 80 vendors from different locations in China, updating powerful tracking tools that allows to have full visibility about Purchase Orders details generating in real time reports letting this company to plan and take proactive actions when required.
Its cargos require pre-store allocation for goods outbound picking preparation and quality check that was made in Agility’s warehouse saving extra costs at destination. Cargo is loaded into container according to special cargo sequence requirement directly to stores in Chile.Projects Logistics
Project in execution located in the Commune of Antofagasta for an important Photovoltaic Plant 90MW, successfully moving Solar Panels – Trackers – Modules and Structures, during this five-month project. Agility Project Chile moved +1200TEUs from China and Spain to support this Green Energy Chilean project. Shipments in progress being carried out safely within the estimated deadlines