Pharma team uniquely positioned to ship 1,500 kilograms of dangerous goods

An engineering consulting firm was conducting an environmental decontamination study at the Camacari Industrial Park in Bahia. The firm collected samples of contaminated water, soil and concrete and needed to ship them to universities in the United States and Canada. Our Pharmaceutical Competency Center was hired to ship the goods because the center has an Envirotainer container station for sensitive cargo that requires temperature control. We shipped 1,500 kilograms of cargo classified as dangerous goods. A refrigerated truck traveled 4,000 kilometers from Sao Paulo to Camacari and back to collect and return with the samples. Envirotainers were positioned at Guarulhos International Airport to load the cargo. Our planning paid off. Cargo was delivered on time (with no late penalties incurred), and the seven-day operation took less time than expected.