Managing the Supply Base for Australia’s Biggest-Ever Single Resource Project

The global energy consortium behind one of the world’s largest natural gas projects uses Agility to manage on-shore supply operations, warehousing, long-term storage, staging, quarantine, stevedoring, marine loading and domestic transport. The project is enormous: every month, Agility moves 4,000 twenty-foot-equivalent units (TEUs). At the height of the project, Agility employed more than 400 people directly on the project and had deployed 70 trucks and more than 250 committed trailers, which traveled more than a combined 17.3 million kilometers (equal to 415 trips around the world).

Agility was named top-performing health-and-safety contractor, an especially important distinction given that the offshore site is also a “Grade 1” environmental heritage site, subject to strict regulations in terms of how freight is moved to and from the project. Every employee working on the project undertakes training on environment and safety, and each container, flatrack and trailer that goes to the island is pressure washed and fumigated, while many items of freight are shrink-wrapped to prevent the introduction of non-indigenous plant and animal species.