Managing the logistics behind 40% of inbound container volume at Abu Dhabi Port terminals

For five years, Agility has been helping manage logistics for the UAE’s largest agricultural company, which provides 40% of all inbound container volume at Abu Dhabi Port Terminals. At peak seasonal times, the Agility team operates with up to 100 people, including a key account manager, operations experts and coordinators, customs clearance specialists, accountants and truck drivers. Operations are managed through tracking, monitoring and reporting systems like an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS), an automated delivery reporting system and an Inventory Management Systems (Exceed WMS). These systems allow us to ensure that deliveries arrive on time, containers flow smoothly through clearance and delivery, all operations are fully compliant with QHSE standards (ISO) and that there are few incidents of demurrage, mishandled or misdelivered containers.