Fixing the Commodity Market

The world’s largest skim milk powder company has a supply chain footprint that rivals any Fortune 500 company. Since it’s products are traded on the commodities market, it’s supply chain was constantly fluctuating, trying to adapt to market swings. Their customers also have strict delivery requirements that result in fines if they are missed.

With approximately 4,500 TEU’s annually, an unstructured supply chain costs thousands more in spot rates and requires a scramble to find vessels with space. An enterprise dynamic supply chain solution that complemented this customer’s business would be required to facilitate daily operations as well as quickly scale up.

Agility was able to work with our core ocean carriers to build a rate structure to limit the impact of the changes in the commodity market, saving the customer thousands and ensuring space on premium carriers. Agility was also able to build custom visibility tools not just for this customer’s needs but also all customer needs, ensuring no delivery penalties were incurred.