Emergency planning for customer saves supplies and production equipment

Severe flooding in Thailand in 2011 jeopardized production for one of the world’s leading hard drives manufacturers, an Agility customer since 2000. Agility teams began moving goods for the customer and its vendors to Agility’s customs-licensed warehouses located within a free zone inside a flood embankment 70 kilometers away. Agility developed a plan to slow and halt production at the main facility and move machines, parts and goods out before the water reached them. The first challenge was to streamline the supply chain by kitting parts and transporting them to production lines in three other locations. Then, heavy machinery had to be moved to a maintenance facility. Parts and machinery left inside the factory were submerged in 2 meters of water and could only be reached and lifted using pontoons. Agility floated the equipment out of the factory and onto trucks, returning it once floodwaters subsided.