Efficiently delivering for the world’s largest natural gas project

The Greater Gorgon gas field is one of the world’s largest natural gas projects and has a life expectancy of 60 years. The gas field is located off the coast of western Australia and contains about 40 trillion cubic feet of gas. Agility has been an integral partner in developing the gas field by providing domestic supply-based operations (including general warehousing, long-term storage areas, staging areas for materials, and quarantine-compliant facilities) in Perth and Dampier, along with domestic and marine transport.
Each month of Agility’s contract totaled 4,000 TEUs moved and 443 people employed, with figures expected to increase as the project moves forward. Agility’s 70 trucks and 250 trailers on the project have traveled a combined 17.3 million km. Agility achieves these results with great attention to safety standards, operating at a KPI of 0.2 incidents or less per 200,000 man hours.