Combating environmental barriers to deliver 276-ton natural gas tanks

A subsidiary of a major oil company needed to move liquefied natural gas tanks from the Czech Republic to Mosjøen, Norway. Each tank was more than 53 meters long and weighed 276 metric tons. Moving them along narrow roads to the Elbe River port was like threading a needle. What’s more, winter was coming and river levels were low. Cold winter weather and high seasonal demand for equipment and crews couldn’t excuse Agility from delivering the cargo on time. We used relationships with hauliers, port authorities and the ocean carrier to secure space on barges to Hamburg, Germany, and a heavy-lift vessel to cross the North Sea. When Agility discovered that the road to the storage area in Mosjøen couldn’t accommodate the weight of the load, we found an alternative route and got permits to remove fencing and level the road surface for safe delivery.