Clearing Scrap Metal in a Remote Location

The Defence Equipment Sales Authority (DESA), as part of the UK Ministry of Defence, asked Agility to clear a significant amount of scrap material, accumulated over the years from locations in the Falkland Islands. Agility has worked with DESA on many projects in the past, including disposal of materiel that can generate revenue within the UK and overseas.

The first hurdle was getting scrap-handling equipment on a British military ship to travel 8,000 miles from the UK to the South Atlantic. The cargo had to be working perfectly and secured so it couldn’t be damaged on the voyage. This was necessary because there would be no way to make repairs in the remote Falklands.

Once there, the team battled high winds to move the scrap material to a transhipment area in a local harbor at East Falkland Island. UK Defence has invited Agility back to the Falkland Islands to conduct other projects later in the year. For their efforts, Agility team members received a Certificate of Merit from the Commander British Forces, South Atlantic Islands.