What is a Logistics Park?

A logistics park is an industrial area specifically designed for storage, management, distribution and transportation of various goods. In addition, companies operating from logistics parks often use them to assemble, package, process or do light manufacturing of products. Companies can use logistics parks to operate and serve local markets, regional markets or the international market.

Freight distribution through a logistics park serves two distinct purposes: organization and management. When you lease space from Agility Logistics Parks, you can take advantage of everything this targeted solution has to offer. Logistics parks can fulfill all your logistics needs, from security management on the property to inventory and warehouse optimization, while lowering costs and environmental impact.

With custom-fit locations and sizes available, a logistics park can serve your storage, shipping and distribution needs, present and future. Agility Logistics Parks can catapult your business into new markets in South Asia, the Middle-East, and Africa while helping you accelerate your business’s growth.

Functions of a logistics park

A logistics park serves a variety of functions, all with the end goal of streamlining your transportation or warehouse needs. When you rent space from Agility, you’ll receive the best logistical service possible.

Modern logistics parks are connected to the modes of transportation that will get your goods to their intended markets. Ideally, a park would connect to more than one type, but it should at least link to the transportation best suited for your needs.

The optimal locations to consider for logistics parks include major seaports, international airports, and large national hubs. While these locations provide distinct areas of opportunity regarding distribution and proximity to markets, a logistics park can overlap with several areas at once.

Parks near seaports make shipping and receiving by ship more accessible, faster, and cheaper. Logistics parks near airports make import and export by plane easier. National hubs are located near freeways and railways that can facilitate easy transportation by land. Agility’s logistics parks, for example, are close to capital cities and principal international airports and seaports, and they can easily be accessed by the roadways and railways that connect these areas.

The best logistics park creates a distribution hub or storage facility that reduces business costs and saves you time.

Logistics organization

A logistics park offers more than ample warehouse space, though it does offer storage space for your products. You can use a logistics park to store goods, sort products, management fulfillment operations, and complete other distribution activities.

Additionally, a logistics park can increase productivity by making it easier to cluster equipment and services required for outbound shipping. You can also organize your shipments to minimize the amount of trucks or shipping containers needed for transport.

Logistics management

A logistics park is more than just organizing and storing products. A good distribution center should be able to do just that—distribute.

When you use a logistics park, it becomes much easier to reduce shipping costs by lowering drayage charges, maximizing the efficiency of truck turns, and minimizing how many trucks are needed on the road.

Additionally, the docking and storing space that a park offers can help you manage deliveries and shipments by organizing your drivers and improving unloading and loading times.

Serve your community

A modern distribution center does more than increase productivity and reduce costs; it’s also beneficial for the community.

A logistics property supports other industries enter the area. Equipment suppliers, construction companies, consultants, and truck transportation companies are drawn to a well-built warehousing and logistics operation. This serves you as well—business owners benefit from lower distribution costs when they are in a well-placed logistics park.

Where there’s more business, there are more jobs. Communities appreciate well-built logistics parks because they add value and bring in money. Logistics parks can house several businesses at once, which creates the potential for many jobs.

Agility Logistics Parks makes attracting employees easy. With labor accommodation, data centers, and retail spaces like grocery stores, a logistics park creates ample employment opportunities.

Additionally, making use of a logistics park can reduce your carbon footprint in several ways:

  • Reduction in truck traffic
  • Better access to environmentally friendly transportation, such as rail transportation or inland barges
  • Lower carbon emissions and fuel demands

Importance of the location of a logistics park

Location is of vital importance for a logistics hub for many reasons.

The most obvious of those reasons are transportation needs. Logistics park planning can be incredibly successful when the location is optimal. The best sites are in industrial belts near airports and seaports with additional access to freeways and railways.

When you have easy access to airports, seaports, railways, and freeways, your distribution speed goes up while your shipping costs go down. One of the benefits of using Agility Logistics Parks is that you can enter new markets. When you make use of nearby transportation methods, you have enhanced dexterity in reaching your new customers, near or far.

Not all logistics parks are built the same, however. When you’re looking for a logistical solution, keep its location in mind. Some logistics parks give you access to a single type of transportation, which can slow your supply chain to a crawl, especially if unexpected delays interrupt shipping. Ideally, a logistics park will offer several options for getting your products on the road to your customers.

Additionally, it is necessary to make sure the area around your warehouse or distribution center has a strong security system. With so many products stored in one central location, logistics parks can attract criminal activity. However, some logistics parks like those offered by Agility have a robust security system that will protect your business.

Scaling a logistics park

The best logistics park for your company should have enough storage space for your current needs as well as the ability to grow and expand with increased demand.

Warehouse sizes have been growing larger—American warehouses, for example, average more than 7,000 square meters. Supply chain management requires larger distribution centers today because so many people are shopping online.

Maximize your space

A good logistics park will enable you to maximize your space in a variety of ways:

  • Make the most of your available space by organizing your warehouse storage areas. Look for maximized vertical space, working areas that are easy to maneuver in, and spaces that are easy to organize. High ceilings, wide bays and aisles, ample docking areas.
  • Allow room for growth. One of the best values in an Agility Logistics Park is the ability it gives you to flex your space with your business needs.
  • Don’t guess what space you need. Talk to a warehouse advisor to get an idea of the space you’ll need for your supply chain management.

From agricultural products to the latest mobile phones, you can find enough space for any and all products. Agility Logistics Parks offers space for any warehouse needs, from small spaces to large facilities.

Smaller businesses

Smaller facilities (or those typically under 7,000 SQM) are great options for smaller e-commerce fulfillment or processing-and-assembly operations. These facilities are cost-effective and help you reduce your environmental impact.

Smaller businesses will find value in every square meter of a move-in-ready facility. Agility Logistics Parks are ready to grow with your business. Small businesses can benefit from freight distribution help, less expensive leasing prices, and easy scalability as business increases.

Local market leaders

Successful companies looking to grow their market share and enter new markets can benefit from a logistics park. Local companies must often compete against multinationals, and a modern logistics park can push your competitiveness to the next level.

When competing against big, multinationals, you can gain advantage with well managed distribution, superior access to transportation networks, and the ability to grow your space as your business grows.

Multinational organizations

On the other hand, more extensive facilities of 10,000 square meters or more are used by importers and exporters, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

Agility Logistics Parks can help you enter markets in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East by lowering costs and increasing your speed to market. Logistics parks provide efficient warehousing and distribution hubs that can increase your productivity.

Benefits of logistics parks facilities

One additional benefit of having a suitable logistic space is that there are usually other services included. First, the facility should have landscaping and waste collection services set up and ready to go. One example of waste collection services Agility offers is on-site recycling.

Additionally, many logistics parks offer space for other businesses, like banks, insurances, catering, office spaces, and coffee shops.

Larger logistics parks usually include security. Facility security can consist of camera monitoring, routine perimeter sweeps, fire sprinklers, and controlled employee entry.

What a logistics park can offer your enterprise

Leasing space in a logistics park is an excellent option if you’re ready to expand your business to new markets and improve your distribution. You don’t have to be a large company to take advantage of what a logistics park has to offer—small and medium businesses can benefit as well.

Make use of Agility’s different logistics parks

Agility Logistics Parks offers three different logistical solutions for your needs.

The first is built-to-suit facilities, which are constructed to your specifications. These facilities can be from 5,000 square meters up to 60,000 and offer lease terms starting at five years up to twenty years.

Built-to-suit facilities are best for warehousing and industrial uses, like distribution centers, fulfillment centers, and light industrial use.

The second type of space you can rent is ready-built facilities. Ready-built facilities start at 500 square meters up to more than 10,000 and have convenient leases between six months and five years.

Ready-built facilities are great for product storage, distribution, maintenance, and assembly purposes.

Finally, Agility offers open yards. Open yards come in various construction materials and lots between 500 square meters and 20,000 square meters.

Truck space

A good logistics facility will have abundance space to park trucks needed. They will also have docks as well as enough space for comfortable and efficient loading and unloading of trucks.

Logistics parks also give you the space you need for truck maintenance, including tire changes, trailer repairs, and other routine mechanical work.

Modern logistics offer green solutions

A distinct feature of modern logistics parks is that they can reduce your carbon footprint with various updates.

Agility Logistics Parks facilities offer a variety of ways to keep you on the cutting-edge:

  • Skylights to reduce daytime power use
  • Regionally sourced construction materials to reduce building costs and support local economies
  • LED lights inside and outside to reduce environmental impact and cut energy costs
  • Drought-resistance landscaping to reduce water consumption
  • The use of roofing and wall materials that match local climates to maximize power usage
  • Low-emitting paint to minimize health risks

The future of logistics services is poised to maximize efficiency and keep costs low.

Infrastructure management

One of the critical benefits of leasing space from a business park is that your logistics costs will be reduced. The modern logistics industry calls for the best equipment for every part of your supply chain.

For example, Agility’s state-of-the-art facilities feature A/C, freezers and chillers, hazmat equipment, and office fit-outs.

Find the right logistics park for your needs

No matter what business you’re in, a logistics park can help you grow your business if you ship or receive products. From warehouse space to distribution center needs, a logistics park is an optimal solution to a myriad of problems.

Entering markets in South Asia, Africa, or the Middle East can be complicated, but our solutions can make the process easier. New customers and markets will be at your fingertips with the help of an efficient, secure, cost-saving Agility Logistics Park.

If you’re ready to find the logistics park that fits your needs, contact Agility Logistics Parks today to learn more about how their state-of-the-art facilities can serve your company.