Agility Fairs & Events

Agility Fairs and Events is one of the world’s leading exhibition forwarding specialists, handling more than 1,000 major trade fairs, exhibitions, and events each year. We help make sure the show always goes on – tight shipment schedules and multiple venue stops none withstanding. With experts positioned on-site at major locations to set up and close out, specialized handling and transportation capabilities, and a track record that includes some of the biggest events in the world, Agility stands ready to assist.

Featured Products & Services


Exhibition Services

  Logistics support for events organizers and exhibitors to ensure that the exhibits are delivered to the booth on-time and in-perfect condition. [view more]  

Events Services

  Logistics support for performing arts and events, including musicals, concerts, and plays, and facilitating global rollouts, multi-market tours, simultaneous product launches and major presentations. [view more]  

Fine Arts Services

  Logistics support for fragile, valuable and priceless art pieces moving to parks, buildings, hotels, museums, art galleries and private collectors around the world. [view more]  

Stand Builders Services

  Logistics support for stand contractors shipping a complete booth overseas for exhibitions. [view more]  

Venue Logistics

  Provision of core venue logistics management services such as onsite and material handling, freight management, logistics coordination, and traffic control. [view more]  

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