Auckland Airport Fuel Shortage Update
Auckland Airport Fuel Shortage Update.jpgFurther to our email on Tuesday 19th September, we can report that the situation is now improving with provisions in place for alternative emergency fuel replenishments to Auckland Airport for the remainder of the pipeline outage. This said, from an air cargo perspective, there is still little change to current situation.

Key changes since yesterday's update: 

China Airlines advise that their services are now nearing capacity and now will no longer accept any new cargo bookings until the fuel situation has been restored.

Hawaiian Airlines have advised that they can no longer accept any cargo bookings until the fuel situation has been restored.

Auckland Airport Fuel Shortage
19th September 2017

Dear valued client,

On Thursday 14th September, the fuel pipeline from Marsden Point to Auckland was damaged by earthworks. This damage has led to a closure of the fuel pipeline feeding aviation fuel to the airline industry at Auckland Airport. 

Both Import and Export Airfreight bookings in Auckland maybe subject to transit delays until such times the pipeline is repaired and re-opened. At this stage indications are that the pipeline is likely to take 10 to 14 days to repair.

Freight delays remain possible due to the fact that airlines are being asked to take a 70% reduction in their usual fuelling allotments at Auckland Airport because of this fuel situation. As a result some airlines are choosing to lighten payloads both on inbound and outbound flights to in order to reduce their fuel consumption on flights to and from Auckland. 

At this stage please continue to book your airfreight shipments as normal. Most carriers have now already found alternative ways of fuelling, either bringing their own supplies into Auckland, or by adding additional fuelling stops into their flight schedules. 

Key Points:

A fuel shortage at Auckland Airport is expected to cause disruptions in coming days
Auckland Airport handles more than 18.5 million passengers a year
It could take up to two weeks to restore the fuel supply
About 27 domestic and international flights have been cancelled so far this weekend, a statement on Auckland Airport's website said.

The statement said fuel companies were rationing the amount of oil they supplied airlines because a leaking Auckland supply pipeline was being repaired at Marsden Point. 

All supplies of aviation fuel to Auckland Airport were cut after a digger trying to extract kauri tree logs cut the oil pipeline on Thursday, according to a report from New Zealand Herald.

The company told Auckland Airport it was working on repairing a section of its damaged fuel pipeline which connects the refinery to Wiri Oil Services Limited in Auckland — which supplies airlines with aviation fuel at the airport.

"Airlines operating at Auckland Airport have had their usual fuel allocations reduced," Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited spokesman Andrew McNaught said. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and update on any changes. Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact your local Agility representative.

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