Agility India

Agility is one of the largest freight forwarders and logistics providers in India. Our significant investments in multiple locations across India facilitate trade across India, even in the most challenging environments. Our presence in Indian includes 18 locations covering all major ports, airports and inland locations. Our solutions are tailored to our customers’ needs, timetables and capacity requirements, including 122,955 sqm of warehouse space covering 35 cities in India.
Agility’s experienced logistics experts keep goods moving across the country, thanks to close interaction with regulatory authorities and an in-depth knowledge of local laws to ensure all customs requirements are met. The application of stringent performance standards to our internal operations ensures customers receive high-quality, customized services. For example, Agility operates a certified life science warehouse to cater to the strict requirements of pharmaceutical companies. In addition to air and ocean freight services, Agility offers a range of solutions to help companies operate in the highly attractive Indian market and also for Indian companies that are looking to explore opportunities outside of India.

Customer Examples