Using a networked inventory system to manage thousands of warehoused components

For years, Agility has managed airfreight flows within Europe and Asia for a major Swedish telecom products and services firm. When Australia was added to the distribution mix, Agility developed new Australian destination warehousing capabilities in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. Additional facilities were opened in Hong Kong, London and Los Angeles to provide network capabilities driven from the same origins. An inventory of 47,000 items are stored, picked to order and distributed across this network. Returns are re-entered into stock or disposed of. This solution provides a single service platform to the telecom supplier for its entire hardware services and warranty repair businesses, achieving significant reductions in inventory, store locations and distribution costs. Regional control points within the customer’s operating environment; shipment, order and due date management, and improved planning to reduce number of shipments contribute to overall savings. Visibility to dispatch and delivery provides additional economies to fitting engineers who will not go to a job site without parts being guaranteed for delivery. 

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