Contingency Logistics

UK, other MoDs turn Afghan equipment over to Agility

UK, Australian, Estonian and Danish forces preparing to leave Afghanistan turn non-military equipment over the Agility to sell or safely dispose. At Camp Bastion in southern Afghanistan, the Agility DGS team collects, tracks and stores non-military items that include shipping containers, office equipment, vehicles, power equipment, kitchen equipment, building material, clothing, engineering gear, medical equipment, portable infrastructure, tents, tools and other supplies. Agility DGS markets the material on a dedicated website and through in-country sources, selling some material to buyers in Afghanistan and moving other items out for sales to international buyers. The sales have generated cash for the UK and other governments,significantly saving on the cost of shipping the goods back home. Agility DGS also handled the demilitarization, disposal and redistribution of sensitive equipment and property for U.S. forces in Kuwait and Iraq.

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