​Consumer Goods

Reducing delivery delays using customs know-how, new routes and a clear process

Italy’s official distributor for one of the world’s leading makers of personal consumer products achieved speedy and reliable door-to-door transit times when the distributor hired Agility. The dedicated Agility team implemented new routing and special procedures to expedite shipments from Canada to Italy.

Rerouting shipments for unloading to Ancona, the nearest port to the consignee, where customs processing is quicker, enabled products to be delivered in two hours.

Agility specialists ensured compliance with local regulations and netted a 2-3 day improvement in cycle time. A front-end agreement with the consignee on how to proceed with customs clearance was the time-saver implemented by Agility. Defined, highly detailed delivery procedures, dedicated trucks, specifics on when to deliver goods and an emergency procedure/contingency plan were all part of a successful formula that enabled tracking of every container door-to-door.

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