Fairs & Events

Master in handling fine arts

Agility Fairs & Events has transported single masterpieces, art collections, and sets and equipment for theatrical productions and orchestras all over the world for the enjoyment of art and music lovers. When the ever popular shows like CATS! and Phantom of the Opera toured around the world, Agility provided the logistics support and moved the entire productions from city to city. With show tickets sold out in advance, there was no room for errors or delays.

Agility’s meticulous transport planning ensured the production sets reached the show venues ahead of time, and our methodical uncrating and installation resulted in the shows being presented as planned without any glitches. The care and attention needed when shipping such sophisticated production sets also apply to the numerous fine arts and museum exhibits that Agility has handled globally. These include the Art Stage in Singapore, Art Basel in Switzerland, and Henry Butcher Art Auction in Malaysia. These events required intricate packaging, humidity control in the case of high-value paintings, customs clearance, and the use of a customized ‘air ride’ truck to protect the artwork during the journey.

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