Managing distribution and reverse logistics for a leading sports apparel retailer in Indonesia

Agility set up a dedicated facility and team in Jakarta to redesign a leading sports apparel retailer’s distribution system and manage the supply of products from the point of order. The new system allows Agility to work with the customer’s order management system to ensure visibility of products at the SKU-level throughout the supply chain.

After goods arrive at the warehouse, Agility takes orders from the customer, processes them, then picks and packs goods for delivery. Agility systems provide order visibility and product tracking. Agility uses a dedicated fleet and preferred vendors to ensure reliable delivery and works with Agility branch offices to deliver to remote retail locations across the Indonesian archipelago. The customer relies on Agility to reduce its environmental impact by reusing cartons, a program being extended to include collection and reuse of cartons from retail outlets. Agility handles the customer’s reverse logistics, managing the collection and return of any defective or recalled goods.

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