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Managing cold chain logistics for World Expo in China

Agility Fairs & Events was the sole provider of cold chain logistics during the 6-month World Expo in Shanghai, China in 2010. As the Official Logistics Services Provider of World Expo 2010, Agility provided a full range of transportation and storage services at the event, which covered an area of 5.28 sq km and showcased exhibits from over 200 countries and organizations.

Agility’s cold chain logistics services ensured that products shipped from within or outside China reached the expo site as required. With 400,000 daily visitors on average and peaking to 1 million visitors on a single day, there was tremendous demand for chilled and frozen food and products at all the onsite restaurants. Agility used 300 temperature-controlled trucks to make more than 200 deliveries every day with military precision throughout the event. Our extensive experience in handling such large-scale events ensured that all demand for food and beverage was promptly met while adhering to a high standard of safety and hygiene.

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