Control tower, 4PL approach cements trusted partner relationship

With operating divisions in four continents and round-the-clock demands, this customer needed both relief from day-to-day logistics issues and tighter management of its international supply chain. Enter Agility with a Control Tower model that delivered a full suite of integrated supply chain services under one umbrella. Agility’s account management team handled tasks such as booking and invoicing, financial processing and other logistics administration. A traditional 4PL model integrated into the Control Tower positioned Agility as the firm’s logistics “general contractor” who orchestrated the services of other providers such as truckers, freight forwarders, wharf transport operators and customs agents. As trust grew and Agility assumed greater responsibility, the customer’s administrative and back-office practices were streamlined and costs reduced. Concurrently, Agility’s tracking tool boosted visibility and control of freight products originating from over 60 manufacturing sites.

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