Agility's well-grounded international supply chain helps paragliders fly high, soar safely

A Swiss-based maker of paragliders allows no compromises in its assembly and manufacturing operations in France and Vietnam. It expects its logistics partner Agility to meet the same exacting standards for the company’s supply chain. Agility Switzerland has been the firm’s logistics partner since 2005, providing a range of quality assurance, assembly, inventory and order-picking services, along with national and international distribution of the finished product. Raw materials for the paragliders from across Europe are assessed for quality, consolidated at an Agility warehouse in France and shipped to Vietnam. Agility handles all the customs and tax procedures associated with export and re-importation. When the finished paraglider canopies are returned, Agility performs quality checks and specific final assembly steps for which Agility team members received special training. Agility also records serial numbers for product traceability. The paragliders are stored and, as orders come in, Agility order-picks the canopies and harnesses and conducts a final security check before they are shipped.

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