Fairs & Events

A long-time provider of specialty services to Germany’s largest exhibition center

For nearly 20 years, Agility Fairs & Events has served as the official service provider at the world’s largest exhibition center located in Hanover, Germany, by providing exhibitors and their contractors with a wide range of onsite logistical and shipping services. These include customs clearance, cargo handling, warehouse management, temporary storage of supplies and empty packing material, and deliveries to exhibition stands in the massive center’s 26 halls and pavilions.

One example of Agility’s innovative solutions is the use of onsite mobile cranes and forklifts supported by a sustainable traffic control system with GPS tracking to reduce forklift travel and fuel consumption within the exhibition grounds. Agility’s unbroken record of nearly 20 years’ appointment as official service provider is testament to our top-notch professional service, strong experience, and renowned reliability in managing over 50 events from medical conventions to rock concerts at the center annually. This excellent track record has also led to Agility Fairs & Events being appointed as the official service provider for major exhibition venues in Berlin and Frankfurt.

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