Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2017

Prospects for Emerging Market Growth

The IMF forecasts 2017 emerging market growth of 4.6%. In your opinion, is this:

That more than half (53.0%) agree with a forecast that puts growth in emerging markets below the average seen for much of the 2000s suggests that, at best, respondents expect many of the challenges faced in recent years to remain over the course of 2017.

A range of threats and challenges to growth in both developed and emerging economies have caused disruption and turbulence for much of the last two years or more. China’s slowing economy, lower oil prices, volatile currencies, rising protectionism in major economies and looming higher US interest rates all influence, directly or indirectly, a fundamental driver of the logistics industry – global trade volumes. That such headwinds have endured for much of the last few years has likely led to survey respondents moderating their expectations for growth in emerging markets. The uneven impact of these variables, and the unique strengths and circumstances of various markets, will perhaps see strong growth in certain sectors or certain markets, however. Where this occurs, logistics service providers would be well advised to expect to find highly competitive environments.​

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Sources: Transport Intelligence