Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2017

The Future of Free Trade

Survey question: 2016 has seen a number of setbacks for the global free trade movement, including Brexit, resistance to TTIP and TPP as well as growing protectionism in some emerging markets, such as Indonesia. On the scale below, please indicate your level of concern that these developments are the start of a move away from free trade and towards the introduction of more barriers to international trade?

Despite gaining attention in the latter stages of 2016 as Brexit and the US presidential election unfolded, the movement towards a less open trading environment globally does not feature significantly highly on many participants’ list of concerns.

In terms of the perceived threats to the future of global trade, almost a half of respondents (47.6%) reported that they are slightly concerned regarding the impact of developments such as Brexit and resistance to TTIP and TPP on the global free trade movement. Combining those respondents with only a slight level of concern with those who indicated the developments were not significant, nearly 80% of those surveyed indicated their belief that the global free trade movement is robust enough to continue despite the challenges.

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Sources: Transport Intelligence